"La jérusalem d'en haut"
31.5×39.4 in | 80×100 cm
Also available in 30×24 cm and 100x120cm
Original lacquer on metal

Yoel: "Heavenly Jerusalem: this is the plane of ideals where the original idea as it was intended to be resides. We aspire to live in our lower world called “Jerusalem of below” in total allegiance to those higher values. This success allows the higher good to spread to all spheres of life. Heavenly Jerusalem then is the plane of ideals before they break apart into smaller elements, and before they deviate from their original qualities. Heavenly Jerusalem is the secret at the foundation of the soul, called “the afterlife”. The fact that we consistently encounter this value inspires us causing us to become better people and more amenable to self improvement. We identify with even greater passion with the real values of our identity which leads us to live a life with complete honesty and loyalty. Heavenly Jerusalem is like a great Sabbath where delight and inner joy brings man in touch with the beautiful poetry of life."

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