"Désir de partager"
39.4×31.5 in | 100×80 cm
Also available in 30×24 cm and 100x120cm
Original lacquer on metal Artwork Story
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"Désir de partager": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Desire to make a difference: this is the secret of life. Because in the beginning, we build ourselves upon the desire to receive and only once we mature do we transform the desire to get for oneself into the desire to receive in order to gain influence. In this way we make reality appealing and harmony reigns in the world. The desire to have influence is the basic foundation of life since our world cannot exist without the quality of loving-kindness which governs it. Loving-kindness is the power of giving and it is the only engine of reality. Part of the role of the artist is to make this sublime quality tangible by conducting oneself with an open heart and generosity of spirit. And in moments when generosity of spirit spreads through the world, feelings of loving-kindness are awakened and bring peace to people. Love also manifests as influence on another human being, and the more fitting the influence, the more beautiful the social texture becomes, evolving into the blessing of life."

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