"Au rythme de tes rues"
11.8×9.4 in | 30×24 cm
Original lacquer on metal. Artwork Story
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"Au rythme de tes rues" : Artworks Story

Yoel: "According to the rhythm of your roads…Jerusalem is indeed a city, but it also has a transcendent dimension beyond the physical which is why it is named Jerusalem (in Hebrew “Yerushalayim” with “yim” meaning “two”), as if it were two cities: one is physical and the other heavenly, belonging to the soul. The heavenly and the earthly Jerusalems meet in the streets of this city and those who can see the association between them, sees beyond what the physical eye can perceive. And eye equipped with values of eternity can look from afar and see that which is joining all elements of life. This is a blessed form of sight, which projects the all-embracing unity before we even approach the details that set everything apart. Sometimes, the artist takes a step back from his creation so that he may once again touch upon the all-encompassing unity. Only in this way will his work of art reflect this unity and continuity and avoid stumbling over one detail which clouds the overall picture."

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