"Un amour infini qui se dévoile un jour"
44.1×15.7 in | 112×40 cm
Artwork Story
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"Un amour infini qui se dévoile un jour": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Eternal love revealed: the ability to bring to our physical reality the values of the heavenly light is a wonderful vocation and arduous work. It is difficult to translate that which takes place on the inner plane of existence. Therefore, we must try to reach, to the extent that we can, those concealed planes so that we may extract the fragrance and beauty within them. The abundance of heavenly light which passes through the prism of the artist’s soul, is intended to guide the original idea and all that is good to safety. Art is love which has good qualities and worthy vessels that can contain it and demonstrate its beauty and appeal. Eternal love is the driving force of all worlds. It is how we exist and live in our world. But we must discover how to receive this idea which transcends life so that we may internalize it. Anyone whose vessels are fitting may enjoy the growth and progress granted by such a great love that contains an inner will to mend reality as a whole and bring it to complete balance and harmony."

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