"Matisse Dancers"
22.4×35.8×22.4 in | 57×91×57 cm
inspired by the Matisse "Dance" Artwork Story
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"Matisse Dancers" : Artworks Story

“Looking at original painting you can see five female characters, naked, ecstatically dancing in a circle. The figures are flat and schematic, bordered by contour lines and contrasting the cold blue-green space surrounding them. I feel the painting reflects Matisse’s attraction to primitive art in nature. The closed circle sends a message of emotional hedonism, a metaphorical image of liberation of body and soul from cultural and social conventions. But above all, I was drawn to the connection between the characters, the friendship they share, a value I hold very dear to my heart and believe it holds the key to true happiness.” We are invited to step into her universe of forms, figures, and colors...

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