"3 Musicians (Jazz Cats)"
"3 Musicians (Jazz Cats)": Artworks Story

Being a musician as well as a painter, I find myself carrying each medium into the other in terms of composition as well as theme. Colors and notes and harmony and dissonance etc. In terms of content, I've written songs about painting and have done paintings such as this about music. There was period in my life where I explored much Jazz music. As an American there is something Iconic about it which also remains in my imagination and identity. Hats to me are always Jewish though, even on Jazz Cats. In this image there are 3 musicians, a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist. The strange and perhaps drunk gentleman in the back helps you hear how fantastic the music is, in case your eyes don't have ears. I love all my creations. This one was a real pleasure to create. I sang the whole time, and tapped my foot. If you do the same when you view it, the band might let you jump on stage.

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