"rêves de mariée"
31.5×39.4 in | 80×100 cm
Also available in 30×24 cm and 100x120cm
Original lacquer on metal Limited edition of 8 Artwork Story
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"rêves de mariée": Artworks Story

Yoel: "The bridal dream" : is about the ideal woman who knows how to live a balanced life with tranquility. This is the feminine aspect that knows the secret of love and the harmony which life requires. The bride knows that her hair is likened to the gates through which she will receive the highest values that she is meant to reveal to the world. This ultimate bride is the expression of the great woman at the foundation of our lives. The whole world is like a woman who was born from the womb of eternity. This momentous encounter with the ultimate mother renews within us the awareness of that which is good and of life as multiple phenomena that flow like a river through the universe. This is where we came from and where we return to over and over again. This profound dimension is at the root of the deeply entrenched bonds and benediction of life, the source of the universal rivers which quench the thirst of all creation. “The mother of the boys is joyous” …and when she is joyous so are her children. The heavenly bride is the source of the blessing and she is as her name suggests: “behold, thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot on thee (Song of Solomon, Chapter 4, vs 7)..the beauty and the gentleness, the warmth and love, all these characterize the great virtuous mother."

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