"Des instants d'éternité"
31.5×39.4 in | 80 × 100 cm
Also available In 30x24 cm Artwork Story
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"Des instants d'éternité": Artworks Story

Yoel: "Moments of eternity: There are moments when time disappears and we ascend upward to the internal foundation of our lives. The dream is one such moment. Although it lasts a short time only, it contains an infinite number of days and years and infinite details, which if we were to judge by the length of time they would take to unfold, the dream could last for years. Eternity is continuity in everything we do. The longer something lasts and the more consistent it is, the better it reflects the truth hidden within it. Eternity appears in our fleeting world. Eternity and the transitory are a couple that ought to be brought together so that they may turn the ups and downs of our world into a continuous productive power that guides the light and abundance through all aspects of our physical reality. “The Glory of Israel will not lie…”there is therefore a higher plane where the dimension of time does not exist. We sometimes encounter this plane throughout our lives"

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