"Les cordes de mon âme"
31.5×39.4 in | 80 × 100 cm
Also available In 25 x 30 cm Artwork Story
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"Les cordes de mon âme": Artworks Story

Yoel: "The notes of my soul: every soul has its own notes, it sings and hums in a thin quiet voice that only those with a sensitive ear can hear. This is the secret of the Garden of Eden, or the garden of gentleness, that is the place where all parts of life meet in eternal happiness. The notes of the soul are precise, and they flow through the blue skies of my dreams. I am the song, I am the string, I am the instrument itself, and the notes produced by my actions are akin to my real self. Each note reveals another aspect of the whole, and from the interweaving of the notes together a beautiful sublime melody is born which strokes the universe with soft warm hands. Love bursts forth together with the great light, and the abundant joy of the world envelopes us in an infinite blessing. Anyone who hears understands what I am describing and the pleasure that can be derived from this beautiful well."

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