23.6×29.1×47.2 in | 60×74×120 cm
Inspired by the Botticelli "Birth of Venus" Artwork Story
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"Venus" : Artworks Story

“The eternal beauty queen of all time, born from the seashell which symbolizes eternity. Her naked body and classic pose nobly conceal the duality of being seductive and bold, yet modest and shy, and create a conflicted character. This red-haired Venus, with her white robe is embedded so deeply in our culture that it took me a while to have the courage to paint her in different colors than Botticelli’s famous painting.”
But however enjoyable it may be, a crucial dialogue is also being expressed between the language of the sculpture and that of painting. The colorful rhythmic patterns that are painted on the three- dimensional surface camouflage and break up the shape of the structure.

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