22.8×22.8×31.1 in | 58×58×79 cm
Iinspired by the Picasso "Vase de fleurs" Artwork Story
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"Sunflowers" : Artworks Story

Sunflowers go through an interesting life-cycle with fascinating stages. While working on this piecI tried different arrangements for the flowers and each one created a different sculpture every time. The final piece presents three stages of blossom: youth, adulthood and maturity; whilet he youth drop their heads in wilting, the adult headsare held high and proud.”
I work intuitively in my studio "drawing" three-dimensional figures in space. Intense concentration is required, like a stage performer who gathers all his energy for performing a single show. In a way, it's like a choreography of matter. All the information and details needed must be included in one continuous, flowing line.

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