"Renoir Dancers"
26.8×11×16.9 in | 68×28×43 cm
Inspired by Renoir's "Dance in the Country". Also available in 100x70x45cm Artwork Story
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"Renoir Dancers" : Artworks Story

“For me, Renoir symbolizes the good, pleasureful life, focusing on happy occasions and positive atmosphere. I get inspired by the people in my world. While hanging out at coffee shops, or watching young couples dance, I feel a powerful need to create. When I am in my studio, I remember the whole scene – it is as if I can hear the music playing, the people laughing and feel the energy around me. Something makes me miss that romantic era, the mystery, the soft-slow pace of things. When sculpting ‘The Dancers’ I wanted to dance with them, to capture the movement’s ecstasy. I imagined them moving in circles, hence the spiral shape of the woman’s dress, and as a woman, I like to think that the man is steady, holding the woman firmly and giving her confidence while they dance.”
Her spare, elegant sculptures seem to giggle with delight as if tickled, then stretch out with an exquisite elasticity to form their position in space. The statues derive their volume from a continuous virtuosic line alluding to human figures, animals, flowers, and ordinary domestic objects.

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