7.9×15×32.7 in | 20×38×83 cm
Inspired by the Klimt "Mother and Child" Artwork Story
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"Motherhood": Artworks Story

“I chose to sculpt this particular part of the original work because of the great love, connection and tenderness I felt coming from it. It feels to me that the mother and child can be an individual, stand-alone unit no matter if they are a part of something, all they need is each other!”
The wire sculpture is only the initial stage of the whole sculpting process. When the basic shape is ready, volume and thickness are added to the figure and revisions are made. At this stage of elaboration, I ask myself whether I can become friendly with this newly emerging creature. After being cast in bronze, the figure is ready for its final metamorphosis. The third step, in which the sculpture is painted, is actually the fun part of the process.

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