11.8×14.2×31.5 in | 30×36×80 cm
Inspired by the Frida Kahlo " Self Portrait With Monkey" Artwork Story
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"Frida" : Artworks Story

“Long before I read her moving biography, I was curious about the mustache painted in every portrait of this beautiful woman, who exposed herself with such courage. Her approach to life made her seem more beautiful to me than she really was. I tried to sculpt it to look like her as much as I could, and during the work I was surprised and moved to see the shadow created on the wall resembled her even more. I imagined it was her spirit who came to accompany me and remind me that she was an integral part of the portrait.”
My first experiments with bronze led me to fairly academic figurative notions. As I gradually turned to abstract art and absorbed various influences from modernist sculptors, I focused on the development of volume, in which the work reveals a contrapuntal relationship between the shape and its hollow core.

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