"The Butterfly Effect"
23.6×23.6 in | 60×60 cm
Also available in 100x100 cm Artwork Story
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"The Butterfly Effect": Artworks Story

"If I had to make the impossible decision of choosing a favorite sculpture of mine, the closest I would come to would be The Butterfly Effect. In the path of my life I have met an innumerable amount of people who just want to tell me what the butterflies mean to them. And no matter what the story, I will always be fascinated. This sculpture was inspired by those stories. As the philosophy states, a butterfly can flap it's wings, which can then trigger a hurricane from across the world. It is a beautiful philosophy that, no matter how small the gesture or movement, it can have vastly unimaginable effects across the world. What would it be like if everyone acted on one small gesture, only to have that gesture inspire the same in someone else, and so on and so on, how beautiful of a world would it be."

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