"Love is in the air"
"Love is in the air": Artworks Story

"One Sunday morning I packed a few water bottles, several snacks, and my dogs, and decided to just drive, with no set destination, other than wherever I ended would be the place I had planned to go. During my drive, way off in the distance, I spotted these amazing colors in the sky. From such a far off distance the sun reflected off what I soon realized were hot air balloons. I pulled over and waited for the balloons to get closer. Simple blues and yellows quickly transformed into elaborate checkerboard designs of beautifully contrasting colors. I must have stood and watched every balloon pass by over head, when a thought came into my head; Sometimes it's okay to slow down, because if I had not waited for the balloons to come towards me I would have only experienced them passing by, without another thought. The saying, "You must stop and smell the roses" continues to pass through my veins, for if I had not have stopped to watch the balloons pass over, I never would have been inspired to create this sculpture."

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