"Coca Cola - Open happiness" - 3D
35.8×35.8×9.4 in | 91×91×24 cm
Artwork Story
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"Coca Cola - Open happiness" - 3D: Artworks Story

"One of the most exciting and creative experiences of my life happened when I was contacted by Coca-Cola to create a sculpture based on the slogan “Open Happiness”. I was told when completed, it would be displayed in the Coca-Cola museum. My very first thought of inspiration was of shaking a bottle of soda and opening it quickly. I wanted my butterflies to burst from the bottle seeming as if there are more butterflies than can be contained, to capture the viewer’s attention and to feel the energy. In the end “Open Happiness” is made up of almost 1,000 individually hand-painted butterflies. I was invited to the Coca-Cola Museum to see my sculpture on display, but never imagined what I saw. My sculpture was displayed on a wall next to two original Norman Rockwell paintings. To have my art represent such an iconic company as well as have my sculpture share a wall with one of the greatest American artists was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. For me, there is no higher honor than to be displayed alongside a master painter."

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