"Book of Love"
59.8×57.1 in | 152 × 145 cm
Also available in 84 x 81 cm Free standing mixed media metal sculpture Artwork Story
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"Book of Love" : Artworks Story

"I love to read, and from an early age enjoyed poetry. The words of Cummings, Frost, Plath, and Angelou, were like colors being applied to a canvas. Watching an artist paint and seeing the colors applied and transform into what your mind wants to see is the same reaction I get from reading the words of prose and poetry. The words begin to form visions in my mind, transforming from a spoken to a visual experience. The Book of Love is my expression of love of the written word and an homage to those who are able to transform words into worlds. Each and every Book of Love includes different poems from poets I have admired, as well as my own personal thoughts. I never know what will fill the pages until I sit down and begin writing. Only then do my thoughts begin to flow and the pages transform into the sculpture."

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