"Book Of Life"
23.6×17.7×19.7 in | 60 × 45 × 50 cm
A monumental size is available as well in 118 x 144 x 114cm | (46.5" x 56.5" x 45")

Free standing mixed media metal sculpture Artwork Story

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"Book Of Life": Artworks Story

"The metal sculpture, which stands at around half a metre tall, is a tribute to the extraordinary life of Rabbi Yossi Raichik, director of Charbad’s Children of Chernobyl organisation.
Each of the hand-painted butterflies represents the 2547 children that escaped Chernobyl’s nuclear disaster and, with the help of the charity, have been given a chance at a new life.
The pages of this Book are filled with poems, excerpts of diaries, and songs, written by children who died at Auschwitz, with the main poem being “The Butterfly”, by Pavel Friedmann, who was 13 years old when he wrote the poem" (The Huffington Post)

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