"Beauty is in you"
16.5×26.4 in | 42×67 cm
Artwork Story
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"Beauty is in you": Artworks Story

"Being raised by physically and emotionally abusive parents, I spent my younger years struggling to build my confidence and self-esteem. I soon realized that my art was my expressions, my emotions, and my way to cope with what was being said and done to me. Learning how to express and release my emotions through colors was a way for me to see the beauty I always had inside. "Beauty Is Within You" is my personal and emotional expression to those children raised in an abusive environment, have been bullied and feel alone, and feel less than who they truly are inside. We are all beautiful inside, and there can be no stronger and more effective inspiration than what we find in ourselves. The inspiration from where this sculpture comes is not meant to be sad or tragic, but rather showing that in all tragedy it is possible to find hope and beauty."

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