“The artist paints his yearning for life. He paints his dreams, while surrendering himself to every kindly or critical gaze. It is a personal invitation, a window opening on to our own wishes. Recognition, mirror, projection, colors, shapes, mediums, symbols. To whole creation process becomes the artist’s palette”.

Trained and educated as an artist in the south of France, Benharrouche went on to become a distinguished professor of drawing and painting at Nice´s Academie Paganini.
Masters such as Chagall, Picasso or Miro, have inevitably influenced Benharrouche yet his personal style comes through in each of his composition with much strength, balance and harmony.

Deeply spiritual, Yoel Benharrouche establishes a sincere connection with his audience.
His vibrant palette and mystical contemplation explore both the historical and spiritual world of Israel. He paints his surroundings with a lyrical quality that has landed him among the elite artists of the world, exploring the duality between the material and mystical world.