A native of Marseille, born in 1967, Michael, inherited his love of life and a spirit for freedom. Beginning in his childhood, as early as 4 years old, he showed signs of a natural gift. Although he diverted from his painting career, he returned to it and devoted
himself entirely. Rigorous, Michael starts his day’s early running by the beach, and regenerates his thoughts at his studio.

As a self-taught contemporary artist, Michael ruffles the boundaries between fantasy and modern life. Michael’s talents are emerging across Marseille, an active city where the evolving culture plays a predominant role in the international and local population.
Initially seduced by the abstract, when asked to define his work, he explains: obey no rules, no structure, no pretensions like doubt, risk, insanity, and so for him, the painting makes sense.

Michael always had an attraction to faces, another major aspect of his work.
He is fascinated by their expressions, reflecting each individual personality. With a natural ease and personal wonder he magnifies their attributes and brings them to life.
Through creativity and impertinence, Michael gives an aesthetic, emotional, and moral look to his work. The characters come to life by highlighting an attitude, a face, a smile, scattered with words, slogans, and phrases. His art consists of many big mouths celebrities, men and women, which anonymously challenge the boundaries.

As a confirmed artist, Michael’s collection has grown with many different colorful characters who “Do not take life too seriously” (his motto). He likes to have fun and surprise his audience with captivating snapshots.
His paintings have traveled to Paris, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv and New York. Michael Edery presents himself to each show for his love to share his work with his guests.

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