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Celebrity street artist Alec Monopoly is in constant flux, religiously creating, inventing, and experimenting with new materials, images, and concepts in his artwork. Keep up with Monopoly’s latest shows and exhibitions.

NYC 2018

The latest in SoHo’s groundbreaking art exhibitions, Eden Fine Art and Alec Monopoly celebrated Alec’s birthday with a combined art exhibition and party, where the gallery introduced Monopoly’s newest collection, The Icon Series, featuring portraits of Robert De Niro in scenes from his acting career including Casio, Heat, Taxi Driver and more! Monopoly’s work plays off of figures of fame and fortune, and the other works in his exhibition include old favorites like the Monopoly Man and Richie Rich. Enthusiastic fans and seasoned art collectors joined the artist for a preview of his newest work.


In a one-of-a-kind performance, Monopoly gave special glimpse into what he calls his “happy place,” performing live for an audiences at the Hotel Barriere Les Neiges to kick off his exhibition, “Money is Snow Object.” Visitors were encouraged to experience Alec Monopoly’s creative process while exploring the luxury chalet’s installation of new arrivals and old favorites. Monopoly has collaborated with designers before, tagging merchandise like watches, expensive handbags, and luggage, and his “open canvas” continues with unexpected works like a snowboard painted with Alec’s tag. See his collection!


Internationally renowned graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly gained notoriety with his satirical murals depicting iconic images such as the Monopoly Man, Jack Nicholson, and Goldie Hawn, creating iconic work using contemporary images with a new twist. Eden Fine Art is collaborating with Hotel Plaza Athénée and bringing audiences in to revel in Monopoly’s cheeky street art in one of the most elegant lobbies in Paris.

Eden Fine Art - Alec Monopoly - Plaza Athénée


Selling his first artwork when he was only twelve years old, Monopoly’s work has transformed from freelance urban tagging into a full-time career. Monopoly is always looking for new ways to express himself and his work. Stay tuned for new exhibitions, festivals, and collections.


If you’re looking for Monopoly’s artwork, you can find them in the Alec Monopoly’s Private Collection any in any of Eden Fine Art’s ten gallery spaces all over the world!


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